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Antipope Francis presides over the pagan ceremony

Antypapież Franciszek presides over the pagan ceremony

On October 3, 2019, in preparation for the heretical Amazon Synod convened by Antipope Francis in Rome, a ceremony was held with his participation, during which “Mother Nature/Earth” was honored in a pagan ritual.

The pagan ceremony approved by Antipope Francis was organized by the Global Catholic [sic] Climate Movement, a radical political organization.

The pagan nature of the ritual was already contained in its name: “pago a la tierra”, a pagan sacrifice to “Mother Earth” widely practiced among indigenous pagan peoples in some parts of South America.

Having adapted this pagan ritual to the radical policy of “global warming”, participants of the ceremony carried in a hands a bowl of earth from different places around the world, each of which symbolized a different problem of “ecology”.

The participants fell on their faces in an act of adoration, and then began to dance in front of the statues of two naked pregnant women. One of the statues was presented to Antipope Francis by a woman, who “blessed” him. This woman called the statue “Our Lady of the Amazon”.

Antipope Francis was so overwhelmed by the spectacle that he just stared, resigning from making comments prepared earlier.

After what appeared to be the offering of prayers by participants, who prostrated themselves on the grass around a blanket upon which fruit, candles and several carved items were set, an indigenous woman approached the Antipope Francis and presented him with a black ring, which appeared identical to the one she was wearing and which the Antipope Francis “blessed”.

This ring represented pagan magic and murderous contemporary/marxist-modernist neojesuitical “theology of liberation”.

The Vatican declined to comment on the ring.

Antipope Francis approved, invited and participated in this heretical pagan rite. He was not just a witness.

This only confirms that Antipope Francis is a total apostasy from the Catholic Faith, he is not a Catholic, much less a pope.

Every Catholic, if he wants to be saved, should completely cut himself off from the Antichrist Antichurch, whose guru is Antipope Francis.

But the things which the heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God. And I would not that you should be made partakers with devils. (1 Cor 10, 20)

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