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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Welcome to our website! We use cookies to facilitate the use of our service as well as for statistical and marketing purposes. Below you will find detailed information about what types of cookies we use, what personal data is processed by them, where this data is transmitted/processed, what cookies are used for, how long they are stored, and how you can manage your consent for their use.

Types of cookies we use:

Essential cookies – these are cookies necessary for the functioning of our site. They enable the use of the basic functions of the website.

Functional cookies – allow us to remember your selected settings and personalize the interface.

Analytical cookies – collect information on how the service is used, which helps us improve the structure and content of the website.

Marketing cookies – we use them to adjust advertising content to your interests.

What personal data do cookies process?

We may process such personal data as: IP address, unique identifiers, and browsing preferences in order to better tailor content and ads to your needs.

Where are personal data transmitted/processed?

Data may be transmitted to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), always with appropriate data protection measures and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Purposes of using cookies:

We use cookies to improve the functionality of the website, analyze traffic on the site, personalize content and ads, and provide social media features.

Storage time:

The storage time of cookies varies depending on their type. Session cookies are deleted after closing the browser, whereas permanent cookies may be stored for up to two years.

Managing cookie consent:

You can change your cookie settings at any time through our cookie consent management tool available on the site or through your web browser settings.

Withdrawing consent:

If you decide to withdraw your consent for the use of cookies, you can delete cookies stored on your device through your browser settings and use our consent management tool to change your preferences.